Who we are

Our website address is: https://auracollectionhk.com.

This policy is for the purpose of assuring that all Aura collection customers are treated fairly and equitably.  The policy and procedures we define here are not new. They are tried and proven practices, which we have followed for a great many years. By having such a definite policy in writing, both Aura and customers should have a common understanding of these matters, which should greatly facilitate the handling of any problems which might arise.


1. No credit will be allowed on merchandise returned to our warehouse without written permission of Aura collection .

2. A 10% restocking charge will apply to all credits for merchandise returned. (except for defective merchandise returned)

3. There will be no allowances or exchanges made for damage while in the possession of a dealer or a dealer’s customer.

4. In certain instances it will be necessary to issue an exchange or allowance for effective merchandise. In granting allowances the following points should be kept in mind:

1. It is part of the dealer’s function to service the product. A reasonable amount

2. Of touch-up and deluxing is the dealer’s responsibility.

3. Although many of our dealers have successfully delivered our merchandise  directly to the customer prepacked, we do not guarantee or recommend that our merchandise be delivered in this manner with no service by the dealer.

5. Allowances may be authorized only by Aura Collection salesmen. It is the responsibility of the salesman to examine any defective merchandise and make suggestions/ recommendations as to proper disposition. Salesman will not obligate or bind the company by definite agreement. Final authorization for disposition will be made by home office.

6. Some customers have requested authority to repair and charge back to us on automatic basis. Under no circumstances will we accept automatic customer charge back which do not have prior authorization. Any charges for repairs must be first authorized by home office of seller.

7. Whenever possible, we will work with you to determine if a problem can be solved.


We cannot give an unequivocal guarantee with our product. However, we will stand behind our merchandise to any reasonable extent. If an item is defective, it should be called to our attention promptly upon arrival in the dealer’s warehouse. If the merchandise has been shipped for a period of one month with no trouble reported, we feel that our responsibility ceases. Generally, we will not be inclined to make exchanges or allowances on merchandise over one month after shipment, and a charge will be made for repairs on goods that have been shipped for more than one month.

Imperfections and minor defects are not reasons for returning merchandise and are the dealer’s responsibility to correct.If a problem does exist, please put the merchandise back into the original carton with the original packing material.