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Aura Air Cooler Ultra-Portable AC with Powerful Cooling World’s Best Air Cooler with Powerful Cooling and High Energy Efficiency. Air Cooler Ultra is a four-in-one gadget that gives numerous types of fantastic air quality, including refrigeration, humidification, air decontamination and fragrant healing

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Cover A Big Area

As late spring is practically around the bend, giving your home open to cooling ends up being a need rather than basically an extravagance. At the point when the warmth is burning, we have an answer for you: Aura Air Cooler Ultra, the world’s first UV-C versatile air cooler with a solid cooling limit.

Aura Air Cooler Ultra doesn’t simply give you cool air; it is a 4-in-1 gadget that gives different types of predominant air quality, including refrigeration, humidification, air sanitization and fragrant healing. It produces moment cooling, is super convenient with a USB charger and naturally cleans and sanitizes the inward supply.

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Progressed Cooling Capacity

The Aura Air Cooler Ultra establishes an agreeable miniature environment anyplace you need by giving a breeze cooled by  5℃/9℉, in a moment. In contrast to customary evaporative coolers, we do it quicker and empower more inclusion with an any longer wind distance.

Quick Cooling

Customary air coolers require minutes to give the appropriate mood, yet with Aura Air Cooler, you’ll feel the virus wind in only a couple of seconds. Anyway, what’s the mystery? Aura Air Cooler Ultra has taken cool air to the following level by using an atomizer, where conventional marsh coolers just utilize a dampness cushion. The atomizer gives more splash volume through water depressurization to accomplish a fast temperature drop. Also, we have joined a 4.8 x 10 cm plant fiber shade in our gadget. This thickened fibre can absorb more water and hence takes into account more dissipation.

Fast Cooling

In many cases a conventional cooler can’t expand the cooling distance, Aura Air Cooler Ultra’s solid wind current distance can convey a fresh, invigorating breeze up to 5 ft. Quality Air Cooler Ultra’s cosmetics comprises of a three-dimensional folded organization of wet window ornaments and a channel. This design can create smooth, characteristic air and a superior breeze flow with different exploding points to 90° separated. The consistently conveyed wind projects amazing cooling and guarantees no migraines, given that the breeze doesn’t blow in a particular/limited zone. Updated atomizer, cool quicker. (You can likewise decide to utilize ice blocks or ice gems). Can be utilized in different circumstances. (for example, after work out, cooking in the kitchen, RV, and so on)

Use It Anywhere

Using its USB charger, you can either plug it into any power outlet or a power bank; use it stationary or portable; put in indoors or out… The decision is yours, but many options are available.

Guaranteed Leak-Proof

Worried about leaks? Concerned that your camp bed will get soggy or your office desk may get wet? Thanks to Aura Air Cooler Ultra’s enhanced structure, this won’t be a problem. Our extensive testing shows the Aura Air Cooler’s fortified container will stay secure even when shaken and rattled, leaving your belongings safe and dry no matter what.

Aura Air Cooler Ultra can do more with less amount of energy. How so? Aura Air Cooler Ultra uses lower operating power while working, making  it an accessible “cooler on the go”. Compared to other traditional swamp coolers or ordinary fans, it is much more energy-efficient. Charging it with a 10,000 mAh power bank supports a 12-hour service length, which is much more efficient than the leading coolers in the market, especially at a full reservoir of 500ml. You’ll never need to worry about interrupting a full-day trip outdoors.

Multiple Locations

Aura Air Cooler Ultra is super slick with a uniquely stealthy look and a low profile. With a size of only 14.4×16.1×15.9 cm, Aura Air Cooler Ultra is very portable and can easily be taken in your luggage. It is shorter than a handbag and weighs less than 1kg . You have plenty of places to go, so why not take Aura Air Cooler Ultra with you?

Energy Saving

Enhanced Noise Reduction

Becoming weary of your obsolete fan seeming like a booming Generator? Aura Air Cooler’s new clamor block configuration keeps the commotion level under 68 dB even as it strives to keep you revived. We have improved commotion decrease level by 30%, so you’ll be ensured a peaceful, mitigating individual space, any place you take it.

Much More Than Just A Cooler

Cooling & Humidification Modes

As opposed to zeroing in just on cooling, the Aura Air Cooler has three different modes upon initiation. You can switch between the typical cooling mode and the humidification cooling mode. In a dry climate, cooling in humidification mode is supporting and mitigating. In damp zones, you can kill the humidification and appreciate the fresh and dry breeze.

Purification Mode

With the nano-silver particle channel, Aura Air Cooler Ultra can not just breaking point the pollution within the water tank, yet in addition cleanses the air quality in the surroundings  and eliminates any scent.

Simple Operation

  • Add water to the tank (capacity~500ml)
  • Plug in the power
  • Click the ON button


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